‚Äč"When only the BEST looking landscape will do!"

Landscaping has always been a passion of Nathan, founder of Foxy Landscape LLC. From the time I could walk, I spent my time outdoors enjoying the many activities the world around offered. As I got older, my interest in the field broadened into the business side of it: I knew I had found my career choice.


After pursuing a degree in horticulture, I knew I couldn't spend my time in an office. Wanting to get my hands dirty once again, I started Berner's Landscaping Inc. and operated from 2003-11. My family had on opportunity to move here, to the Indianapolis area, and decided it was a good move for us.  In 2014 we took the jump and transferred here. Foxy Landscape LLC was established in 2015 with the goal in mind to bringing my attention to detail and new concepts to the local market.

From your back yard to your office door, landscaping is an important part of an establishment's visual impression. We believe it ought to be beautiful, thoughtful, and well done. Always. 

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